The Classic Booth

Build Memories

Capture Memories, Frame Happiness

The Classic Photobooth: Elevating Every Occasion. From its state-of-the-art camera system to its impeccable aesthetics, this photobooth is an ideal choice for any event. Designed to leave a lasting impression on every guest, the Classic Booth offers a wide range of incredible features, as listed below.

One of a Kind


The Classic Booth, renowned for its groundbreaking and engaging design, has established itself as a highly desirable solution in the market. Listed below are some highlighted features to explore.

Professional Camera

The Mirror provides guests with the convenience of instantly sharing their stunning photos on social media platforms by allowing them to text the pictures directly from the mirror.

Quality Prints

High-quality prints from the photobooth deliver crisp, vibrant images that truly bring memories to life.

Digital Sharing

Photobooth digital sharing enables instant sharing and distribution of captured moments, allowing guests to effortlessly share their photos across various platforms and connect with friends and family.

Memorable Experience

Our primary focus is to create an unforgettable and pleasurable experience for your guests, guaranteeing their contentment and joy throughout their stay with us.



Please refer to the below events to gain insight into the range of offerings provided by the Classic Photo Booth.

FEATURES & add-ons

We’ve gathered an assortment of features and add-ons included in our photobooth package. This valuable information empowers you to make a well-informed choice regarding its suitability for your event.


Our photobooth option comes with this feature, making photo captures easy and hassle-free.


These features are available with our Classic Booth Rental


Through text, email, the Classic Booth enables you to share images and videos effortlessly.

2 x 6 OR 4 x 6 Prints

As a complimentary addition to your booking, our Classic Booth offers prints in your choice of size (4x6 or 2 x 6). All booth packages get a digital copy of all photos.

Themed Props

Themed props come as a complimentary addition to your booking for our Classic Photobooth.


Our booth comes with the complimentary feature of offering a range of backdrops to choose from.